gar Galveston Artist Residency

Cristobal Gracia: Revolving Catastrophes and Myths of a Beautiful World

Cristobal Gracia: Revolving Catastrophes and Myths of a Beautiful World

August 25th - November 3rd, 2018

curated by Leslie Moody Castro

The work of Cristobal Gracia (Mexico City) begins vis-a-vis research and the connectivity of historical events and their impact on the social and cultural present. Mixed with references from science fiction, irony, violence, and a touch of humor, Gracia challenges the construction of the present reality which has been built and ruled by ideologies and power structures imposed over time. As a multidisciplinary artist, he employs a variety of techniques and mediums, all of which illustrate the profound research and investigation each project requires. As an artist, Gracia is concerned with such concepts as the public space, ideas of the monumental and its political, historical and social implications together with the mechanisms of control through economic, political, and cultural lense. Gracia also takes tropes and methods from mass media and the entertainment industry which are used as a universal tool to dominate ideologies..

About the Curator:

Leslie Moody Castro (Mexico City/Austin) is an independent curator and writer whose practice is based on itinerancy and collaboration. Moody Castro works with artists to produce projects and exhibitions that are in dialogue with an audience and an open invitation to communicate within the space itself. Moody Castro studied Museum Education and Museum Studies at the University of Texas at Austin (MA, 2010), and graduated from DePaul University (BA, 2004). She has been awarded two National Endowment of the Arts Grants (2016; 2017) and is currently the inaugural curator in residence at the Galveston Artist Residency.

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