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The Dislocated Center of the Material World | Jonah Groeneboer

The Dislocated Center of the Material World | Jonah Groeneboer

August 24th, 2013 - October 13th, 2014

Gravitational rotation sets duration. Gravity pulls us along. Sunlight draws out this pull. Gravity alters our axis.

Angles shift.

The Galveston Artist Residency is proud to present THE DISLOCATED CENTER OF THE MATERIAL WORLD, a solo show by New York based artist Jonah Groeneboer. The exhibition will open on Saturday, August 24th with a reception from 6-9pm and remain on view in the GAR Gallery through October 19th, 2013.

In THE DISLOCATED CENTER OF THE MATERIAL WORLD, Groeneboer presents us with seven works: a thirty-two foot wave made of black string, three large black abstract paintings in which geometric forms appear and disappear depending on the position of the viewer, a thread sculpture that appears to stand unsupported, a video of the sun moving across an arrangement of mirrors, and an experimental sound piece made in collaboration with electronic composer and musician Bruno Coviello.

As a group, the works create an atmosphere charged with illusive dichotomies: silence and noise, motion and stillness, presence and absence, appearance and disappearance. The viewer becomes increasingly aware of the laws of physics and the massive planetary movements that meter human life. In THE DISLOCATED CENTER OF THE MATERIAL WORLD, gravity is felt as a structural element in Groeneboer’s sculptures, as well as through a sense of proximity and duration. Time becomes palpable, progressing at a strikingly visceral rate. It is within this slowed-down state that the works transcend the initial dichotomies. One is placed on a continuously shifting path, like lunar phases, or the journey of sunlight across a room.

The works are lit solely with natural light, which is as important to the exhibition as the role of the viewer. Both presences activate the space, making the seemingly minimal works and structures rich with possibilities.

All works presented are from 2013 with the exception of the video piece, SUN/MIRROR, which was made in 2009.

Jonah Groeneboer works primarily in installation with forces such as tension, gravity, light and time. Born in 1978 in Canada, he studied at SFU in BC, received a BFA in Intermedia at PNCA and an MFA in Studio Art at NYU. He has shown in New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, London and Oslo. His work has been reviewed in The New Yorker, Art 21 and The New York Times. He has given artist talks at The Drawing Center, Ox-Bow School of Art and NYU. He taught studio, theory and praxis classes at NYU and Ox-bow to both undergrads and graduates. He lives in New York and works in Queens.

2521 Ships Mechanic Row, Galveston TX 77550