Q: Can I bring my partner/family/pets to the residency?
A: Yes! Our resident apartments are big enough for multiple people and moderate to well behaved animals. We do have three cats who call the studio building home, so we ask that any pets who accompany residents to their studios stay in the studios and/or on a leash.

Q: How big are the apartments and are they close to the studios?
A: We have three fully furnished apartments for residents on the second floor of a historic building downtown about 4 blocks from the studios and gallery. Here is a map. Each apartment is slightly different in size and layout, but they are all studio style, 1 bathroom apartments with high ceilings and lots of light. 

Q: Do I need a car to attend the residency and live in Galveston, TX?
A: A vehicle is not required, but in most cases strongly encouraged. Texas is behind the times in public transport and while the island is rather small, cars are helpful for getting around and running errands. That said, we have had residents get by on foot and by bike, so it is doable!

Q: What is the artist community like in Galveston?
A: Galveston is in many ways a small town, but we do have a network of local artists and art spaces close by. The Galveston Arts Center is close by and hosts many exhibitions throughout the year. We also encourage artists to visit Houston (about an hour north by car), which has a wonderful range of museums, galleries, and events going on. Feel free to check out Glasstire for a glimpse at what is going on more broadly in the Texas art scene. However the one constant we can guarantee is the studio space and time to deeply focus on one’s work.

Q: What are you looking for in applicants for the residency program?
A: Every year we have a different selection panel made up of artists and curators. We are looking for self directed artists who will benefit from having a studio and time to focus on their work for eleven months.

Q: Can I travel or leave for extended periods of time while at GAR?
A: We ask that residents don’t attend other residencies while at GAR or spend a significant time away from Galveston and the studio, only so they can make the most of what our program offers. But yes, many of our residents travel for exhibitions and for fun while at GAR and we strongly encourage residents to explore Texas and surrounding areas.

Q: What kind of facilities do you have?
A: We do not have any dedicated workshops beyond the studios. We do have some rudimentary power tools that are available to be shared among the artists in residence, however we always suggest that artists plan to bring whatever tools or equipment they may need in order to make their work. The studios are a generous 500 sq ft. with high ceilings, natural light, basic furniture and plywood backed walls. With a bit of elbow grease they can be outfitted to accomodate most working methods.