3 going through 9 to get to 27
Curated by Zahar Vaks

Featuring works by
Bess Adler, David Bratton, Rubens Ghenov, Yoni Lotan,
Leeza Meksin, Rose Nestler, Nickola Pottinger, Walter Price,
Ralph Pugay, Zahar Vaks, Rachel Eulena Williams, and Sun You.

You know 3 has to go through 9 to get to 27
- Frank Bramblett

3 going through 9 to get to 27 explores the way someone can be rooted in a discipline and still branch out to incorporate other ways of thinking and making. The show is about the multitude of influences that artists can let in, the moments that artists simultaneously become curators.

Spending time at GAR is when I started developing my curatorial instincts. I was not conscious of it yet, but the work began taking on different forms. Everything was still rooted in painting, but now physically spilling out into the space, creating an island. It is no coincidence that fragile island ecology became a big part of the work, on a subconscious level, until the link was brought up by a writer and later by my peers. The artists included in the show are all rooted in their disciplines. There is a specificity to their practice, and yet the breath of their material narratives are vast, at times spilling out into different practices and ways of perceiving their work.

                                                                    - Zahar Vaks