Andy P. Davis & Anne Lukins

Crasis (/krey-sis/ from the Greek κρᾶσις, "mixing", "blending") is a collaborative duo made up of Andy Davis and Anne Lukins. Their projects use participatory live performance to engage with questions of human ecology, moving between social experimentation and ritual. They collaboratively design and fabricate elaborate props, prosthetics and ceremonial dress, using both new and pre-industrial techniques.  Performances channel an evolving multitude of beings which emerge from personal narrative, the environment, and from ancient and contemporary cultures. Since 2020, they have organized workshops and performances in a wide variety of contexts: from historical sites to public beaches, artist-run galleries, and the forest floor. Crasis is serious play, rebellion against a culture of disposability and isolation, and transgression against  the acceleration of ecological twilight.

2521 Ships Mechanic Row | Galveston, TX 77550 | |